ReadMe! ReadMe!

Contest finished!

First off we'd like to thank everyone who participated in the BookBook contest!

Two people in this contest got a brand new BookBook from TwelveSouth. If you're a book-lover like us, the BookBook is the most beautiful cover for your iPad/iPhone.

Eighteen people also had their ReadMe! Accounts credited with varying subscriptions.

One BookBook went to a ReadMe! user in Croatia, another in the US. We asked both winners to tell us a little about themselves. The winner in Croatia wanted to be anonymous and we respect that. The other winner was kind enough to agree to a small interview and even sent us a few photos of herself with her brand new BookBook (with ReadMe! loaded up!), so we're presenting the interview and photos here!

What's your name?
Penni Ellington

Where are you from?
The United States

Where did you first hear about “ReadMe!”?
I read an article on Facebook about a new software called Spritz and what it could do. I was so enchanted, I Googled it and found ReadMe! I immediately downloaded it and have loved it ever since.

How often do you use ReadMe! to read?
99% of my leisure reading is done through ReadMe!

If you could highlight just one great thing about ReadMe!, what would it be?
Too many! The ease of downloading books. The ease of reading and retaining what you read. Setting your own pace.

If you could change anything about ReadMe!, what would it be?
A lot of times, instead of starting at the beginning of the next chapter, it’ll start in the middle of the page, or several pages later, and you have to manually go back to the start of a new chapter and reactivate it again.

Does anyone of your friends use ReadMe! as well?
Don’t know. I’ve recommended it to every single book lover I know and posted about it on social multiple times. I’m am an advocate.

Did you know about TwelveSouth before this contest?
No. But I’m in love with their products now!

What other TwelveSouth product do your own?
None as of yet.

If you could get another TwelveSouth product right now, what would it be?
I like the BookBook for iPhones and their stands.

How old are you?

What do you do for a living?

What do you do besides work?
Read, watch TV, see movies, go to the theatre, go to museums/exhibits

How often do you read (regular books and eBooks)?
I now read ebooks on ReadMe! way more than I read traditional paper books. I only read paper books if I can’t get them on ebook.

We also asked everyone to say a few words about ReadMe!, some wanted to be anonymous but most people answered. Here's what they said:

Christopher Scott, Australia “I really enjoy reading with ReadMe! Not only do I read quicker, I now read more often.”

Paula Hodges, Mexico “ReadMe has has helped allow me to continue with one of my favorite pastimes, reading. I love the beeline opinion and how I can download books and articles of my choice.”

Lisa Greif, United States "Recently, I found myself with only a single day to read an entire book for my upcoming book club. The ReadMe! App allowed me to read it in just one hour! Thanks ReadMe!"

Matt Kirk, United States “My name is Matt and I have been using Readme since nearly the day it was released. I had been following spritz during it's development and was excited about the possibilities and readily use it to consume news sites. But when Readme came a long it offered a whole new way to digest books for pleasure that I would usual stop and start a dozen times because I could never bring myself to really get far enough in quick enough. Readme has provided a great way to enjoy so much more. Having it on the go on my iPhone is amazing, but a bit easier on my ipad due to size when I can be a litter more leisurely. Overall, it's a fantastic idea and enjoy service that I hope to enjoy using for years to come.”

Jerry Hester, United States “I’ve been using ReadMe! to help finish books quicker. I love reading but there's only so much time in the day.”

Ali Syah Hanapi, Brunei Darussalam “I am an avid reader. There is a lot of books that I want to go through. My job also requires me to do a lot of reading. When I installed the application in my Ipad, it doesn't take long for me to adapt to the spritz technology in it. I can actually read a book/document without my eyes getting tired. I notice that my reading speed increased as I began to increase the reading speed of the application. Surprisingly my manual reading speed also increased. Also the expected time to complete a book is clearly stated in the application. With this information, I know how long I need to stay away from distraction. I am thankful that I found ReadMe, it had signifcantly help me reduce my reading time which had help me lot in both my career and personal life. Would highly recommend for everyone to have them install in their tablets!”

Joseph Fisher, United States “ReadMe! is an excellent way to improve your reading speed and comprehension. I appreciate the time they put into constantly improving this app. I use it frequently on my iPad Air. Keep up the great job!”

Ilya Blinov, Russia “ReadMe made me finish the bunch of books that I could not finish reading”

Peter Ampudia, United States “Readme! Has been a huge help to me. I have a learning disability and it has helped me overcome it.”

Jordan Burkowski, Canada “I love ReadMe! for giving an alternate way of reading in a much more relaxed and efficient matter.”

Mary Miller, United States “Woohoo! I love ReadMe!!”

Raymond Law, United States “I am a big fan of Spritz technology and am glad to see Readme! has amazing support for it. It is definitely my ebook reader of choice.”

A. G. Green, United States “I love this app! It lets me raise my reading speed and access my books across multiple devices. Reading more books = awesome!”