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What is included in a Premium Account?

o. Focused Reading. The next step in eBook reading. Rather than having to read walls of text on every page, Focused Reading will let you focus on a few sentences, or even just a few words, at a time.

o. ReadMe! Writer. Create your own e-books that automatically gets synced to your devices.

o. Spritz, including Offline Spritz! Cache Spritz data so you can read with Spritz even when you're offline (airplane mode)

o. Synchronization of your books to all your devices! This means that if you add a book to your iPad, it will automatically show up on your iPhone (or Android device)!

o. Your bookmarks and the latest page you were on will automatically be synchronized so you can start reading on your iPhone, then immediately pick up where you left off on your iPad (or Android device)

o. BeeLine Reader. Making reading faster and easier by using a color gradient that guides your eyes from the end of one line to the beginning of the next.

o. Renaming of books.

o. PDF reading (also with Spritz!!)

o. + any feature that we add from now on will require a Premium Account.

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