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ReadMe! is the first e-reader app to offer BeeLine Reader, an award-winning tool for reading more efficiently. We also have the best Spritz implementation to date.

Former Teach July 7, 2018

I have tried five or six readers and this one is my fav. I’m a premium member and use the beeline feature to bomb through book after book. Their help guys are wonderful and quickly answered the minor problems I had.

Bonooooooiooooo October 31, 2018

Great idea and great app. I think it’s perfect for small screens! Increases reading speed and I feel like I retain more

LaurenR4444 September 17, 2018

An invaluable reading tool! Completely in love with this app! I have never before felt compelled to review one right after downloading it, but as someone who has always been annoyed at the slowness of my reading pace and the tendency of my mind to wander while reading, this is an invaluable tool. I’m an English lit student as well, so even more so for me. I searched for it after seeing a BBC Facebook news video about the new technology it uses. I’m thinking it would probably be harmful for my eyes to use it too often, but as a tool it’s genius!

ReadMe! Focused Reading

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Bringing you the latest evolution in reading: Focused Reading!

Stripping away everything surrounding the e-reader, only focusing on what is most essential.

The next step in eBook reading. Rather than having to read walls of text on every page, Focused Reading will let you focus on a few sentences, or even just a few words, at a time. Everything else is stripped away and you can focus entirely on your reading. Transitions are smooth as silk and you race through the pages unknowingly until your exit Focused Reading and realize how much you've read!

Other unique features in ReadMe!


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Spritz is a text streaming technology that minimises the eye movement when reading. The eye movements from word to word make up about 80% of the time you spend reading, so with Spritz you could, if you want, read books up to 1.000 words per minute! For reference, the average reading speed is only about 220 words per minute.

BeeLine Reader

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BeeLine Reader helps you read more quickly and easily by displaying text with eye-guiding color gradients. These gradients make reading easier for readers of all ages and skill levels, and the average reading speed increase is over 20%.

BeeLine Reader is used widely in schools because it helps students learn to read more quickly, and controlled testing in schools confirms the benefits that students rave about. BeeLine Reader’s technology has been featured by the American Optometric Association and has won awards from Stanford University and Dell Education.

ReadMe! Sync

With ReadMe! Sync you can synchronise your books seamlessly across your iOS- & Android- devices.

When you have enabled synchronisation, ReadMe! will automatically sync all your books, bookmarks and the most recent page you were on to all your devices running ReadMe!. It works seamlessly over iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Oh, and it's fast. Really fast!

Watch the demonstration video to see it in action.

ReadMe! Writer

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Introducing ReadMe! Writer!

Create your own e-books! It couldn't be easier with ReadMe! Writer!
Whatever text-material you have, you can very easily paste that content into the e-book creator tool and read it using all the unique features ReadMe! has to offer. The book will automatically sync to all your devices.

We do offer huge discounts for educators, contact us for more information:

Introducing Dyslexie Font!

Tap on the Dyslexie logo to try it right now!

We have done our research and the Dyslexie Font is the best font there is to battle reading difficulties. This is a real game changer in reading comprehension for people with reading difficulties such as dyslexia.

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"Graphic designer Christian Boer has dyslexia himself and designed the font to improve his reading life.
[..] Christian Boer has been able to help hundreds of thousands of people with dyslexia all over the world with the Dyslexie font."

Read both EPUB and PDF!

ReadMe! handles ebooks in the standard (DRM free) EPUB format.

With ReadMe! you can also read your (DRM free) PDF files!

Please note that ReadMe! is first and foremost a EPUB reader, so other formats (such as PDF) will never be as rich on features as EPUB.
Please see our FAQ for limitations.

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